Hey Babe!

First off- Wow! It is truly an honor that you are here. I can not wait to meet you and give you the experience of your life.

My name is Mari Casanova,

I am a mom, wife and business owner!

I was introduced to photography at a young age while being in 4-H, after that my sister began her wedding photography business 8 years ago and I would be her second photographer. Then 4 years ago I met my husband Justin Casanova who is also a wedding photographer and from there I decided to begin my own wedding photography business.

I have since found a true love and passion for boudoir photography and what all takes place during this experience. After my previous marriage, I went.. Well let's be honest, I am still on my own hard and in depth journey of re-learning to love myself.

It is an honor to join and allow you and other women a safe place to begin or continue their own journey no matter what it is.

Kind words from clients

Marisa D-

" I am literally over here in happy tears. You're so artistic and I'm just so blown away."